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Packed with natural
vitamins & minerals

Through years of testing, our Travel-eeze formula contains only the essential natural ingredients that actually work: Buffered Vitamin C , Magnesium Citrate, Flaxseed Powder, Raspberry Powder, and Cascara Sagrada.

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How to Use

  1. 1.

    Take our travel-eezy packets in your carry on and luggage
  2. 2.

    Start with one packet on the plane with 8-16 oz. water
  3. 3.

    Continue daily when you arrive at your destination
  4. 4.

    Stay regular on the road,= vacation uninterrupted!
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Foolproof Formula

Don't worry, be regular.


    Magnesium naturally eases abdominal cramping by pulling water into the intestines and making it easier to pass stools.


    Our formulation is rich in soluble fiber with flaxseed and raspberry powder, improving digestive health by relieving constipation.


    Our natural Vitamin C plus mineral formulation supports proper muscle relaxation and contraction.


    Mixing our powder in a full glass of water critically improves hydration, more quickly relieving constipation.

Supports bowel regularity

Improves stool consistency

Improves digestive function

Supports immunity support

  • OMG I loved how well it worked!!

    I tried TravelEeze on my recent trip to Japan.  OMG I loved how well it worked!!  It was gentle without any "sudden urges" and helped me stay regular during my time in Tokyo. I only needed it for the first few days until my body adjusted.  I highly recommend this product!!

    ~ Jennifer K.

  • A great flavor to start off your day!

    Traveleeze is the perfect companion for all your trips at home and abroad! A great flavor to start off your day and keep you happy.

    ~ Johann S.

  • Traveleeze has been a game-changer!

    I’ve struggled with constipation my entire life, and nothing I’ve tried has worked very well or without unpleasant side effects. Traveleeze has been a game-changer. I can eat and drink whatever I want on vacation without paying for it with discomfort and bloating. I love that Traveleeze contains only ingredients that I know are safe and natural, and isn’t just another fiber supplement. The berry flavor is refreshing and I can drink it every morning without worrying!

    ~ Susan P.

  • Very easy to use!

    I was a little apprehensive about taking the product  during my trip to Disneyland. But it worked great. I didn’t have any tummy cramps or rumbles. Very easy to use.  I highly recommend this Traveleeze.

    ~ S’kara W.

  • I am so happy that I can feel light every day now!

    I never had a problem going to the bathroom every morning when I was young. As I’ve gotten older, hormones are changing and my bathroom habit is changing, too. I started feeling bloated often and couldn’t go to the bathroom regularly. Travel-eeze has helped me a lot. I can go to the bathroom several times a day without feeling cramps or bloated.  I am so happy that I can feel light every day now! 

    ~ Angel T.

  • My first experience with Travel-eeze was incredible!

    Wait until you get home. Listening to that advice - only introduced me to the world of constipation and irregularity. Dealing with this for so many years on a daily basis was terrible and painful, and my constipation only gets worse when I travel.. My first experience with Travel-eeze was incredible. It calmed my stomach from all the painful knots I normally would feel. It was a pleasant smooth experience and let. It helped me enjoy my triptravels without having to worry about my constipation. The Smoothie-eez lives up to it’s name! My insides feel so healthy and clean. I’m finally able to have a normal daily experience after so many years of painful waiting games.

    ~ Hanna R.

Most Asked Questions

Do I have to take it for 5 days?

No, but It is recommended to take it the entire time you are on your vacation. We do not recommend Taking longer than one or two weeks. If you continue to have problems after two weeks we suggest switching to our upcoming product that is meant to be taken daily. Our daily-eeze product.

What will happen if I miss a day?

Nothing will happen if you miss a day. Travel-eeze is meant to keep you regular while you are on vacation and off your routine. It’s okay to skip a day or two but it is suggested to drink it once a day to keep you regular.

Once I stop taking it, how long do the effects last?

Typically, it can last for a day or a few days after you stop drinking it but everybody metabolizes differently.

Is it only for travel, or can I take this at home on a regular basis?

Travel-eeze is meant to be short term and not to be taken on a regular basis. However, we do have a new product coming out soon that you will be able to take on the regular. (Daily-eeze)

How soon can I eat after taking it?

You can eat instantly. It is recommended to take on an empty stomach. 

What is the best time of day to take it?

It is completely up to your schedule. I recommend taking it before bedtime or first thing in the morning. 

Will I have trouble sleeping if I take it before bed?

No you will not have any trouble sleeping. 

Will it affect my appetite?

No, it will not affect your appetite.

Will I lose weight?

This product is not meant for weight loss.