It's My Story

A lifetime of health questions.
I found my answer.

Travel-eeze is the end result of decades of suffering from constipation through endometriosis, a hysterectomy, a colonoscopy, colitis, and at one point, a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease.

The bouts of constipation became so severe that I stopped enjoying food and became hyperaware of the effects of what I ate that would result in painful episodes. I tried colonics as a temporary fix, as well as juice cleanses, diet changes, and holistic products. Traditional OTC laxatives became too unpredictable with the stomach cramping, runs, urgency, and dehydration that went along with it.

Nothing worked easily and well enough on a more permanent basis.

Years later, while vacationing with my husband, my constipation affected not only my trip, but his trip, OUR trip! I was afraid to relax and eat and drink, and the episodes kept me stuck inside our hotel room. Enough was enough. 

I created Travel-eeze because it’s the ONLY product that actually works to relieve constipation with ease and flow — no cramping, no runs, no urgency, and no dehydration. Through a formula perfected over years that includes natural ingredients — flaxseed, vitamin C, magnesium, and cascara — we have created a safe, gentle, and natural alternative to harsh drugstore laxatives. Travel-eeze has since brought relief to everyone who has tried it, women and men alike.

No more vacation constipation.

My health journey led me here. And now I get to help you.

With ease and love, Liz 

“My life has forever changed. I have relief now.
I can move on with life now and make room for more!”

I’ve lived it. I know it.
I hope it works for you, too.