Is It Safe to Use a Natural Constipation Remedy?

Is It Safe to Use a Natural Constipation Remedy?

Constipation is a very uncomfortable predicament. In addition to having difficulty passing stool and having significantly less frequent bowel movements, you might also experience bloating and stomach pain. More and more people are leaning towards natural constipation remedies, and some are concerned about whether or not they are safe.

Sometimes, constipation strikes at the worst times – like when traveling. On trips, there’s usually a drastic change in your daily routine. Significant changes to when you sleep and when, what, and how you eat can lead to irregular bowel movements.

Other common causes of constipation include not drinking enough water or dehydration, eating too little fiber, having too little physical activity, and other health reasons.

Common Constipation Remedies

There are many remedies available to combat constipation. This ranges from natural remedies to prescription medications. Doctors may prescribe medication to increase water to your digestive tract, soften your stool, and reduce stomach pain. Other commercially available medicines may help your bowel movements become more regular or just help get your stool moving along.

Prescription medications are not meant to be taken for more than one week. They may even cause chronic constipation if misused or overused. Thankfully, natural remedies exist and are easily accessible. As with any health-concerned individual, you may wonder – are natural constipation remedies safe to use?

Natural Constipation Remedies

The best way to keep constipation at bay is to make significant changes to your lifestyle. Most people can avoid constipation with a healthy diet with fiber-rich foods, eight glasses of water a day, and regular exercise. Other fluids such as soups and tea can also help.

Other nutrients that can help provide quick relief from constipation include Vitamin C and Magnesium, which support muscle relaxation and contraction.

You can get these nutrients through what you eat or drink but there are also natural supplements that combine these ingredients for easy and fast relief from constipation. Travel-Eeze is available in single-serve sachets that are easy to take wherever – a perfect solution for when you’re on the go.

So are natural constipation remedies safe to use? The short answer is Yes. As long as you don’t overuse them or misuse them, they should be safe to use.

Consequences of Constipation Remedy Misuse

As the proverb goes, anything in excess is bad. Overusing or using natural constipation remedies, depending on the ingredients, can result in chronic constipation.

Abuse, misuse, or excessive use of laxatives can also lead to dizziness, diarrhea, weakness, dehydration, bloating, vomiting, abdominal pain, heart palpitations, and even bleeding. This is why it’s important to research the ingredients and side effects of the constipation remedies you are using and to follow proper usage instructions.

Tips for Safe Use of Natural Constipation Remedies

There are various natural remedies one can use to relieve constipation. The ingredient that is present in most constipation remedies is fiber. Your body may have adverse reactions to a sudden increase or change in your dietary fiber consumption. You may experience gassiness, bloating, or abdominal cramping.

Drink Enough Water

One way to prevent these side effects is to ensure you’re drinking enough water. This will minimize the possibility of flatulence and obstruction. Fiber works by bulking up your stool, helping it move quickly through the colon, so drinking plenty of water ensures it’s not dry and can pass through smoothly.

Increasing your water intake is also essential when using natural constipation remedies that contain osmotic laxatives – hydrating agents that draw fluids into your intestines from their surrounding tissues. Since your digestive tract will be borrowing from other parts of your body, make sure you supplement that. This will prevent dehydration, gas, and cramps.

Be Careful With Stimulants

While stimulant laxatives can provide almost instant relief from constipation, they can also cause cramping and diarrhea. Daily or regular use can also weaken your body’s natural ability to defecate, resulting in chronic constipation and laxative dependency. 

Avoid constipation remedies that may excessively stimulate your digestive system. Instead, find substitutes that instead stimulate its slow and natural movement. Natural constipation remedies with Vitamin C can help stimulate proper muscle relaxation and contraction without making you rush to the toilet.

If constipation persists despite the safe use of natural constipation remedies or implementing healthy lifestyle changes, it’s time to consult your doctor. It may be a warning sign for more serious problems. A doctor will help you determine the exact cause and solution for your bowel movement problems through a physical examination and laboratory tests.


Natural constipation remedies are safe and effective to use in moderation. It’s important to take note of the recommended usage and to make sure you’re consuming enough liquids. Being meticulous about the ingredients in your natural constipation remedy of choice is also important.


Travel-Eeze uses natural ingredients to relieve symptoms of constipation and prevent common side effects from other commercial laxatives. Magnesium naturally eases abdominal cramps by pulling water into the intestines and softening your stool while natural Vitamin C aids muscle contraction and relaxation.

The formulation is also rich in soluble fibers from flaxseed and raspberry powder, which also improves digestive health. Finally, the formulation is in powder form and is meant to be dissolved in a full glass of water. This helps you meet your hydration needs, unlike syrups or capsule formulations from other brands.

For quick but safe relief from constipation, Travel-Eeze is there for you!
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