Introducing The Gutsy Babe Podcast with Liz Hall

Introducing The Gutsy Babe Podcast with Liz Hall

Travel-eeze creator and Eeze Natural Health founder Liz Hall gets real in her new podcast, “The Gutsy Babe” where she explores natural healing of the body, mind and spirit.

On her weekly show, Liz interviews leaders, influencers and authors in the fields of Functional Medicine, Mindset Management, Meditation and so much more.

Liz explains, “When I was going through my own health journey, I had to dig deep to find information around why I was experiencing such painful bouts of constipation. There are so few resources widely available that are willing to talk about what has been a typically taboo topic. I wanted to bring together subject matter experts to openly discuss what we usually only discuss behind closed doors. It’s time to get real about our gut health!”

Make sure to sign in every Monday evening at 6pm PST / 9pm EST to be educated and inspired by Liz and her guests. 

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